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Liteco specializes in lighting and related electrical components for cabinets, displays and furniture. All Liteco products meet or exceed industry standards for quality and safety.

With their broad product lines, extensive sourcing capabilities, great customer service, and in house design and engineering, we can offer you a premium lighting line that accommodates all your lighting needs.

Liteco has an extensive product line which includes:

L.E.D - low voltage and battery powered Compact Fluorescent - line voltage (no transformer)

Xenon - low voltage and line voltage Halogen - low voltage and line voltage

Halogen Line Voltage (no transformer)

Incandescent Line Voltage (no transformer)

Incandescent Spring Clamps Fixed Tab Adjustable Ring Screw Hole in Flange

12 Watt T4 (with or without rocker switch) 16 Watt T4 (with or without rocker switch)

Touch Dimmers Rotary Dimmers Step Switches On/Off and 4 Way Switches Momentary (kill) Switch

Computer Power Centers Control Panels with Dimmer and Phone Jack Power Strips with Coaxial Cables

* Energy and cost efficient products (which have a longer life span and minimal heat output)

18 Point Puck Lights

Linkable in groups of 8

Slimline Fluorescent
Under Cabinet:

Available in:
8 Watt   (11 ½”) and
16 Watt (18 ¼”)

Linkable up to 6 Lights

Battery Powered Puck Lights

3 AAA Batteries Included

4 bright LEDs on each lights

Surface mounted

Available only in black color