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We sell various types of replacement lenses to help fit your application.  For example, if you need something that will keep glare off your computer screen, we have parabolic louvers will give the best possible light to be working under.

We sell wrap lenses to custom fit your fixture.  Many times, fixtures will run in tandem and need a lens that wraps around the fixture.  We stock and make various types to fit these needs as well.  All we need is either an old sample to match or a profile drawn with dimensions.

We sell globes for poles and street lamps.  Often, globes will either crack due to hail damage or yellow over time due to ultra violet rays.  We carry replacement globes so your light looks as good as new.

Tube guards are manufactured from unbreakable polycarbonate plastic for maximum protection. They satisfy OSHA, FDA and USDA requirements for food processing and industrial plants. UVA Tube Guards screen out harmful ultra-violet light emissions. Applications include museums, art galleries and libraries.  Matrix tubeguards allow the customer to turn the tubeguard for a desired light output.  Colored tubeguards help you obtain a desired look/color for an area.

Enclosures are designed to protect fluorescent lighting in harsh environments. These units seal out dust and moisture from the electrical components in a wide range of applications.  They are mostly used in:

  • Food processing facilities
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Breweries
  • Industrial facilities
  • Livestock containment buildings
  • Parking garages
  • Under awnings
  • Laundries
  • Road tunnels
  • Car washes